Hybrid Big Cats (HBC)

Some Special Hybrid 

The big cat species addressed in these regulations are the lion, tiger, leopard, snow leopard, clouded leopard, cheetah, jaguar, cougar, and any hybrid combination any of these species(liger,tigon,etc) that results from breeding of these big cats.

Four of the five species of the big cats (the Panthera genus – lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar and snow leopard), the exception being the snow leopard can hybridize with each other to produce numerous hybrids. In fact, breeding of two different pantheras has been banned in many zoos and animal sanctuaries due to no conservation value of the hybrid, and the risk it poses on the mother that gives birth to it. For instance, the liger’s increased growth rate and enormous size can cause the tigress giving birth to have a difficult delivery, endangering both the mother and her liger cubs, which may be born prematurely or require a Caesarian. Common problems in cubs that survive are neurological disorders, obesity, genetic defects, and a shortened lifespan; though a few have reportedly made it to their twenties, many don’t survive past the age of seven. Moreover, male ligers have lowered testosterone levels and sperm counts, rendering them infertile while females, though capable of reproducing with either a lion or a tiger, often give birth to sickly cubs that don’t survive.

However, hybrids do occur by accident in captivity.

Most hybrids would not survive in the wild due to the males being infertile, but a few (such as the Leopon – leopard father, lion mother) are fertile and have a chance of survival in the wild.

Here are the list of possible hybrid big cats (and some other smaller felines).



Father: Lion, Mother: Tiger.

Ligers enjoy swimming, which is a characteristic of tigers, and are very sociable like lions. Ligers (and tigons) exist only in captivity because the habitats of the parental species do not overlap in the wild. Historically, when the Asiatic Lion was prolific, the territories of lions and tigers did overlap and there are legends of ligers existing in the wild.



Father: Tiger, Mother: Lion
Alternative names: tion, tigron, tiglon

Tawny, golden and white forms. A tigon is often smaller than either a lion or tiger though some have attained or exceeded the size of the smaller parent.



Father: Leopard, Mother: Lion
Alternative names: Leoliger, Leogar, Leopon   

The male leopon is a fertile offspring of a male leopard and a female lion. The fertile female liguar, offspring of a male lion and female jaguar, is capable of fertilization by a leopon. Their mating, though rare, results in a leoligular.


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I am here writing about an Tiger brutal.

In our world animals are not getting treated normally, animals have been used for fashion, medicine, show shining, etc.

74 tiger deaths in India in first half of 2016, According to the report, about 74 tigers have died in India between January 1 and June 26, 2016, with maximum number of 19 deaths in Madhya Pradesh. Maharashtra and Uttarakhand secured the second spot with 9 deaths each. Among the 74 tigers, 14 were believed to be electrocuted, poisoned or killed by poachers, while 26 tigers were died due to factors like diseases, old age or unexplained circumstances. As per the statistics, the remaining 12 tigers were victims of infighting; 2 lost life in tiger-human conflicts, while 3 died in road or train accidents and one was killed in a fight with other animal, police and wildlife authorities found skins, bones, claws, skeletons, canines and paws of another 16 tigers during this period.12764544_943711915724624_8570056751344355284_oAccording to my research,

95 Tigers killed in 1994,
121 Tigers killed in 1995,
52 Tigers killed in 1996,
88  Tigers killed in 1997,
39  Tigers killed in 1998,
81  Tigers killed in 1999,
52  Tigers killed in 2000,
72  Tigers killed in 2001,
46  Tigers killed in 2002,
38  Tigers killed in 2003,
38  Tigers killed in 2004,
46  Tigers killed in 2005,
37  Tigers killed in 2006,
27  Tigers killed in 2007,
29  Tigers killed in 2008,
32  Tigers killed in 2009,
30  Tigers killed in 2010,
13  Tigers killed in 2011,
32  Tigers killed in 2012,
42  Tigers killed in 2013,
23  Tigers killed in 2014,
25  Tigers killed in 2015,
74  Tigers killed in 2016 till June,